some things that happen when you have s3x with your partner everyday

It’s no secret that being loved by another individual can make you want to be a better person. It’s no secret that being in a loving relationship can inspire and motivate you to be the absolute best version of yourself. But did you know that actually making love with your partner on a daily basis can actually make a significant difference in your life? And it’s more than just the emotional fulfillment that you get in your relationship too. When you are making love to your partner on a consistent basis, it can have some very positive health benefits for you. It can sometimes cure some really serious illnesses. It can help resolve a lot of issues that surround mental health. It can help a person feel more confident and self-assured. Of course, when you make love with your partner, you are building the level of intimacy in the relationship. But little did you know that it’s actually helping you have a healthier life as well.
The primary reason for you to make love to your partner is for you to manifest your feelings of love and affection for one another. You don’t really need much incentive beyond that. But of course, any other benefits are always going to be welcome. Here are 10 things that happen when you have sex with your partner every day.
1. You have a stronger heart.
Sex is cardio. It simulates cardiovascular activity because of the increased heart rate. It’s the same sensation when you engage in cardio exercises. Sex also helps stimulate blood flow within the body. And that means you have a healthier circulatory system.
2. You get fewer headaches.
Little did you know that sex can do a better job at releasing your headache than Advil or Tylenol. When you reach orgasm, certain chemicals in your body have released that act as natural pain relievers. An orgasm can help serve as a natural aspirin.
3. You are less prone to depression.
Sex releases happy hormones called endorphins. It might sound foolish to say because of how obvious it is; but really, sex can make people happier. And that’s something that’s really confirmed with science. Like when people exercise, endorphins are released and activated whenever someone engages in sexual activity. These endorphins are able to help generate happiness and they alleviate stress.
4. You get better quality sleep at night.
Science has revealed that whenever a person reaches orgasm, it releases certain hormones within the body that induces a sense of comfort and relaxation. When you are more relaxed and comfortable, then it becomes so much easier for you to just fall asleep at night. That’s why people who have more sex are less prone to insomnia.
5. You are less prone to urinary incontinence.
Studies have already shown that women who engage in sexually active lifestyles are less prone to urinary incontinence. This is due to the strengthening of the pelvic muscles during sex. A woman is going to gain better control of her urination if she has a stronger pelvis.
6. You get a strengthened immune system to protect you from illnesses.
Sex is already proven o help improve the level of blood circulation in the body. And when that happens you are getting more and more nutrients. That means your body becomes more and more equipped to take on the unwanted bacteria and germs that enter your system. Your immune system becomes stronger.
7. You get some exercise out of it.
Sex is a form of exercise. And you already know that exercise is going to be good for the body. When you have sex, you’re going to have an increased heart rate for a prolonged period of time. And if you maintain that pace, then you are improving your conditioning and your endurance.
8. You get improved skin.
Sex can actually help improve the quality of your skin as surprising as that may seem. When you are sexually active, you have improved blood circulation. And that means that you are revitalizing the cells in your body in a more effective and efficient manner. That’s why your skin ends up looking better. That’s what they mean when they talk about the “after-sex” glow.
9. You are less prone to developing prostate cancer.
Men are known to have much healthier prostates when they engage in sexually active lifestyles. When men reach orgasm, the ejaculation that occurs actually serves as a kind of therapy for the prostate. It helps cleanse his prostrate of any unwanted bodies and bacteria.
10. You are less prone to developing breast cancer.
While men are less prone to getting prostate cancer as a result of constant sex, women are also less prone to developing breast cancer. Studies have shown that women who are sexually active are actually less likely to have breast cancer.


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