Lionel Messi: Barcelona star claims his son Thiago loves Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi: Barcelona star claims his son Thiago loves Cristiano Ronaldo
– Lionel Messi claimed his son Thiago loves talking “a lot” about his rival Cristiano Ronaldo
– The Argentine also hinted at the possibility of Thiago following his path in football
– Messi also noted that Thiago talks about a couple of stars including Arturo Vidal who he loves for his hairstyle Lionel Messi has revealed that the eldest of his three sons Thiago has huge admiration for a couple of football stars including his Barcelona teammates, and of course his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Argentine made this known in an interview with top Spanish media Mundo Deportivo when speaking about his family and career, and the possibility of seeing his son toeing his path in the future.
Messi said his son Thiago “likes football a lot” including a cluster of favourites both within and outside the Barcelona team.
The sixth-time Ballon d’Or winner further revealed that Thiago fell in love with Arturo Vidal because of his coiffured mohawk hairstyle.
The 32-year-old forward also disclosed that Thiago also cherished Luis Suarez who has become a family friend to his family.
Surprisingly, Messi said his son also loved watching Juventus star Ronaldo, while hinting at the possibility that the young lad may be a new big thing in football in the future.
“Yes, he has several. He likes football a lot. He talks a lot about Luis . . . about Griezmann, about Arturo from day one because of his hair and all that
,Also from outside people, from [Kylian] Mbappé, from Cristiano [Ronaldo], from Neymar.
Yes, Thiago knows everything, asks and likes it a lot.” Messi also lifted the lids about the challenge of being a father and a world footballer, saying his two sons Thiago and Mateo always come to training with him.

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